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Virgin Hair Maintenance 101

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Virgin Hair Maintenance 101


Are you’re either considering buying some virgin hair, already have purchased some virgin, or just curious about what exactly it means for hair to be considered “virgin”. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the details about virgin hair and are telling our secrets on how to maintain this hair.

What is “Virgin Hair”?


Virgin Hair means that the hair has not be chemically processed in any way shape or form (i.e: Bleached, colored, relaxed, permed) from a single donor.  Virgin hair can be of any origin, but the most popular kinds are Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian.  “Good” virgin hair (Like the kind we sell) has intact cuticles and the hair strands are consistently flowing in the same direction.  Virgin Hair trumps any other type of hair extension because of its flexibility and the duration that you can keep it with proper maintenance.


How to maintain Virgin Hair


Virgin Hair maintenance is critical in receiving all the benefits of your investment. No one wants to waste hundreds of dollars right? Right !  So, maintaining your hair is the way to go, and below are a few tips to ensure proper hair maintenance.


Wash and condition your hair


This may seem like a given, but it is imperative that you wash and condition Virgin Hair at least once a month. With virgin hair being “real” hair, it still requires moisture as if it is growing out of your own scalp. Shampoos and conditioners that contain Argan Oil are a great choice, as it helps maintain the hair’s natural luster and volume.  If you’re on a budget, Suave Professionals has a pretty good Almond and Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner set, both of which can be found at your local supermarket or you can purchase it here from Amazon.


Do NOT over moisturize your hair


We repeat: Do NOT over moisturize your hair.  This can include moisturizing lotions, oils, and hair sprays.  Virgin Hair that is over moisturized can appear limp, unable to maintain a curl, and unnaturally shiny. If you are adamant about  putting something on your hair, a few drops of argan oil or a few sprays of oil-free hair spray is enough to maintain your hair.  Just don’t over moisturize your hair, it is not worth the trouble.


Tie it up at night


Directly sleeping on your virgin hair can cause friction, split ends, dryness, or tangles. Tying your hair up at night will help prevent these problems.  The best method of tying up curly or wavy virgin hair up is to section it off into 3 or 4 and twist/braid it downwards, also limiting how many split ends or tangles can occur.  Satin head wraps or satin pillowsheets are the most effective with maintaining your hair.


Limit how much you process your hair

 Damaged hair

Although virgin hair can be chemically processed, limiting how much processing takes place can encourage the longevity of your investment.  Bleaching your virgin hair will cause your hair to get drier than it normally does, so if you’re bleaching your hair try to limit how much you put heat to it, or it can cause breakages. Remember, it is human hair and it does everything that natural hair does.



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