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Weaves vs. Wigs

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Wigs VS. 

Wigs VS. Weaves


Wigs VS weaves is one of the biggest debates regarding how to install your newly purchased bundles. In both the natural hair community and the relaxed hair community, both type of hair installment methods offer benefits.  We’ll break down the pros and cons of both wigs and weaves so making a decision will be that much easier. Because we like you just that much.


Wigs !



-          You can take them on and off

-          They allow you to wash your hair and workout without disrupting the hair

-          They traditionally make bundle last longer because you don’t have to sleep in it

-          Allows you to switch hairstyles with ease!


-          If not installed correctly, can look like a wig

-          If worn too consistently, can decrease hairline

-          Not securely tied to hair

-          Can be very expensive to get made






-          Hair feels secure on head

-          Braided hair underneath is untouched for duration of installment

-          Looks more realistic (If installed correctly)

-          Traditionally cheaper


-          Can’t wash hair underneath or workout, or odors can occur

-          Wear and tear on hair occurs more rapidly, making hair appear old quicker

-          If installed too tight, can break off hair and cause hair loss

-          Takes time to install and time to take out

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